What is AVATAR?

AVATAR is an identity and authentication manager that puts you in control of your data.
AVATAR allows you to share with clients (websites, apps, etc.) details about your identity that you choose to share.
The AVATAR ecosystem allows clients to request information directly from you.
You can create as many different AVATARS as you need.
Each of us has different identities depending on what situation we are in. We express ourselves in many different ways. For example, your identity with your friends is different from that you show to your boss.
An Identity is simply a set of attributes related to an entity.
In our case, the entity is your AVATAR, and you define the set of attributes your AVATAR has by answering some simple questions. The answers to these questions will become the data points that clients can request.
As another example, let's look at some of the different identities of a Woman:
  • Mother
  • Daughter
  • Wife
  • Friend
  • Girlfriend
  • Community Member
  • Boss
  • Colleague
  • And so on.
The same thing goes for when you interact with different clients. You want to be able to provide different data points for different situations.
AVATAR is your identity that you are in control of.
As well as managing your online identity, AVATAR also provides a quick, easy and secure method of logging in to various clients.
You no longer need to remember the various username and password combinations you set up. You also do not need to worry about security breaches and people accessing these sites without your knowledge.
Perhaps you wish to comment on a blog post. Rather than going through the tedious process of "signing up" to identify yourself on the website uniquely, you can log in using your AVATAR (the one you choose to use). You will have instant access and a unique and secure identity on that system where no one can impersonate you. You log in again using the same AVATAR whenever you revisit the site. No account, no usernames, no passwords, Nothing to remember or forget, NO HASSLE!
The same AVATAR can be used for as many different websites as you wish.
AVATARS are both user and site-specific. To maintain anonymity as much as possible, your AVATAR always presents the same AVATAR ID to the same client but an entirely different one to every other client. There is no way for cross-site coupling of AVATAR IDs.