Social Pay.
Earn rewards by helping us to generate some buzz!
Inspired by Zilliqa's Social Pay, we created our version that rewards you by sharing our partners and our own social media updates and announcements on Twitter.
It is as easy as writing a tweet! Honestly, look at the example tweet below.
Have you got your @contact_carbon #avatar? Powered by #Zilliqa
. Get yours now at and earn $CARB like I am with this tweet. carbon_avatar

How do I get started?

Please login to AVATAR Manager and access the Social Pay section. Here you will find a list of current campaigns as well as any previous campaigns you participated in.

When do I get paid?

At the end of each campaign, we automatically calculate the rewards you have earned. You can claim these rewards at anytime yourself by clicking on the "claim rewards" button within the Social Pay section of AVATAR Manager.