Adoption and Collaboration.
The key to this technology will be the widespread adoption of the AVATAR ecosystem. We will work with a number of providers, developers and integrators to ensure adoption is as easy as possible.
Our first goal is to be the preferred Digital ID for Zilliqa based projects.
Built on top of the Zilliqa Blockchain, we are initially reaching out to other projects building on Zilliqa. But, it is essential to note that AVATAR is not limited to working with these projects. AVATAR can work with all apps, websites etc.


We recognise the importance of making it as easy as possible for other projects to be able to integrate AVATAR. As well as providing detailed implementation documentation, we make ourselves available to assist any project in implementing AVATAR.
If you would like to implement AVATAR into your project, please follow the instructions for Adding Your App. We will then get in contact with you to discuss this further.


We see working together as the key to accelerating adoption. We are actively reaching out to projects to discuss ideas we have about how AVATAR could make their app even better.
The first AVATAR implementation by another project was ZilStream, which implemented AVATAR Connect to make it easy for anyone to log in to ZilStream's website to see their portfolio. This means that people can now use Mobile Browser, iOS, Android, etc., without installing ZilPay, Moonlet, etc.
Avatar Connect in action on ZilStream
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